How Do Substance Abuse Issues Affect Child Custody in Nassau County?

How Do Substance Abuse Issues Affect Child Custody in Nassau County?

Divorce is complicated, and child custody is oftentimes the most complicated issue associated with divorce. Unfortunately, if you have a substance abuse issue, this may complicate child custody matters even further. Please continue reading and speak with our knowledgeable Nassau County family law attorney to learn more about child custody and how our firm can help you through the process ahead.

What is the difference between physical and legal custody in Nassau County?

Physical custody deals primarily with where your child will live, while legal custody, on the other hand, gives a parent the legal right to make certain critical decisions on behalf of their child. Some of these decisions can include where your child will go to school, the types of medical treatment your child may receive, the religion your child practices, and more.

How do Nassau County courts determine child custody?

Generally, Nassau County courts would prefer to evenly split both physical and legal custody evenly between parents, however, their primary focus is the child’s best interests, and if they determine that it is not in the child’s best interests to split custody equally, they will not do so. Some of the most important factors Nassau County courts will consider are as follows:

  • The bond you have with your child
  • Whether you will be financially capable of supporting your child
  • Whether you can provide your child with a safe and stable home
  • Whether you can emotionally support your child
  • Whether your child has any special needs
  • What your child’s schedule is, and whether he/she is involved in any extra-curricular activities
  • How close in proximity you live to the child’s other parent
  • If your child is old enough, whether he or she has a preference

That being said, if your former spouse alleges that you have a substance abuse issue, there is a very good chance that this may drastically impact your child custody agreement. That is why you must hire an experienced Nassau County family law attorney who can either prove that you do not have a substance abuse issue, or one who can help ensure you present yourself in the best possible way to the courts. This means checking into rehab/counseling and otherwise showing the court that you are doing everything in your power to get better. The bottom line is that if you are fighting for child custody, you need an attorney who has what it takes to fight with you.

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