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When people get divorced or separated, every person in the family is affected by the change. When children are part of a divorce or separation, their lives can be significantly disrupted while the parents work out their differences. Children and parenting issues are some of the most contested and heated topics in a divorce. The Long Island attorneys at The Pollack Law Firm, P.C. have the compassion and experience with children and parenting issues to guide you and your family through the tough times ahead. We understand everyone wants to work for the child’s best interests. Unfortunately, parenting and child issues are just too emotional for some. The Pollack Law Firm, P.C. is ready to ease you towards the best possible conclusion. Protect your family and protect your rights. Call our attorneys for a confidential and discreet consultation.

Child Custody

If you are going through a divorce or separation with children involved, you must consider the topic of child custody. Child custody rights are often a contested and emotional topic for parents. The goal is to agree on a positive custody and parenting arrangement that works for the child’s best interests. More

Child Support

In the state of New York, parents have a legal obligation to financially support their children until the age of 21. Long Island courts have the authority to order parents to a structured support system in times of divorce, separation, or other legal matters. New York has guidelines that determine what is fair to both the parents and the children. More

Post-Judgment Modifications

When a couple finalizes a divorce or family law matter, the judge’s decision is legally binding. Whether a couple goes to trial or utilizes mediation to come to a conclusion, the judge will always have the last word on divorces and child-related issues. Judges will often decide on important issues including child support, spousal maintenance, and child custody and visitation. After the orders and judgments are detailed and passed down, they are legally binding and only post-judgment modifications will allow for deviation. More

Mother’s Rights

Mothers’ rights continue to be an important topic of divorce. In modern legal times, courts have been accused of being gender biased and have taken a stricter view on the rights of both parents when seeking custody. Fathers are more commonly seeking joint and sole custody of their children and use the gender bias of tradition to further their client’s claim to custody. Mothers’ rights are at risk and The Pollack Law Firm, P.C. is here to protect them in the most disputed cases. More

Father’s Rights

Fathers are commonly at a disadvantage when forced into a child custody hearing. The courts often favor the mother when it comes to the physical and legal custody of the children, unless she is found to be an unfit parent. About 17% of single parents with physical and legal custody of the children are men. Many times, the relationship suffers because of the custody and visitation arrangement. Having a strong paternal bond is imperative to a happy and healthy life for a father and child. More

CPS/ASC Matters

Unfortunately, child neglect and abuse continues to be a real problem in the United States. Appropriately, New York law enforcement and courts are proactive and aggressive towards any allegation of child abuse or neglect. Faced with signs of abuse or neglect, a parent must act to protect their child. If you see any signs of neglect or abuse in your family, call the authorities. More


Relocation complicates child custody cases, established personal relationships, and schooling. It also disrupts the life of the parents and their children. In most cases, both parents have worked hard to establish a positive relationship with their children. Even in circumstances where one parent is awarded custody, the noncustodial parent is still an important part of their child’s life. The thought of a child living far away can be overwhelmingly emotional. More

Parental Alienation

Divorces are highly emotional and shake up the foundation of the family. Child custody is one of the most heated topics of divorce. The hardship of being with your child part time and sharing the week with the divorced spouse is too much for some. Unfortunately, a parent may use the children as a pawn in their own emotional battle.  More

Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, domestic violence is an ongoing battle in the state of New York. New York has laws in place to immediately help victims of domestic violence to prevent serious consequences. Domestic violence continues to affect the lives of thousands of New Yorkers every day and impacts the lives of all types of people. Regardless of ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, age, religious affiliation, or socioeconomic status, domestic violence does not have limitations. More